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Down Through the Years: Reflections from a hymnbook (Live acoustic recording)

This live acoustic recording captures J. Smith at his finest. He takes you back to the days of yesteryear with a fresh interpretation of your favorite hymns. *MP3 download*

Musical Therapy

This album is a blend of Neo Soul, Jazz and R&B. *MP3 download*

The Art of Relaxation

J.Smith brings you this great collection of soothing piano songs that will help you unwind and decompress. *MP3 download*

The "Keys" to Success Piano Course

Jason takes you from beginner to playing some very advanced techniques in this comprehensive video course. You will learn what you are really doing by learning the theory behind chords, scales, runs, and how to use them together. You will learn these examples in several styles from: gospel, R&B, jazz, and many more.